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To make things as easy as possible for you, we've combined 10 years of Office 365 experience with the latest Azure technologies.

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bizcon 365 Rooms & Resources automates the creation of resources and users in Office 365 based on your HR, Real Estate and Fleet Management data. Conference rooms, individual workstations, parking spaces, tennis courts, whatever you have defined in your Real Estate database, you can now make bookable in Outlook. Our Office 365 solution bizcon 365 Rooms & Resources is easy to deploy, saves administrator effort, provides consistency and ensures fast execution.

bizcon 365 Rooms & Resources supports various use cases, for example: freely bookable, bookable by a defined team, bookable only on request, display as temporarily unavailable. You can freely define the resource managers with extended permissions to single or multiple resources at any time. Standard room automation or panel solutions can be quickly combined with bizcon 365 Rooms & Resources and thus, for example, make the booking directly visible locally at the room. You don’t need additional Office 365 licenses, because bizcon 365 Rooms & Resources can be implemented immediately and is suitable for all common Office 365 Enterprise scenarios such as hybrid and cloud-only. So you can get started right away!

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Possible applications

Import rooms directly from your Real Estate tool

bizcon 365 Rooms & Resources can directly process original data from your Real Estate Tool. Changes appear directly in your users Outlook. Manual maintenance of rooms and resources is therefore unnecessary.

Workplace booking in pandemic times

You want to provide a safer workplace for your people while also ensuring social distancing requirements. bizcon 365 Rooms & Resources lets you act flexibly. You can quickly release or block individual workstations without much technical effort. Employees simply book thir rooms directly in Outlook, and they are already used to doing this.

Provision users from your Identity Management or HR systems

With bizcon 365 Rooms & Resources you automate your account and Office 365 provisioning. Rapidly available services from the Microsoft Azure Cloud enable simple solutions to your provisioning challenges.

Data from Fleet Management

bizcon 365 Rooms & Resources directly processes original data from your fleet management to make vehicles bookable for your employees. This eliminates the need for manual data maintenance.

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