Identity and access
Management (IAM)

Your employees and stakeholders need fast, secure, and simple access to business applications from everwhere -- including from home offices. bizcon AG can help!

Smart and
efficient working

We provide high-value Identity management soltutions, using automation to reduce costs and establish efficient processes.

We base this on trustworthy identities and objects, kept secure and audit-ready. Through to use of modern IAM technologies, we ensure that employees and users of your services can work from anywhere — including from home offices.
This allows all users to gain access to both their applications and data

Using auditable processes, we ensure that you stay in compliance with frameworks such as BaFin, KRITIS, EU-GDPR, alowing you to maintain and manage your IT infrastructure with security.

This makes our
IAM unique

Our approach to consulting is a combination of processes and knowledge/experience with the tools.

In our agile consulting practice, we remain aware and give priority to cloud app integration We build the bridges that allow you to adjust and comply with your business requirements. We maintain consideration for future requirements and technologies, such as IoT, Robotics, and cloud. Our approach to project leadership extends from today’s implementation, well into the future of solution development, closing the gaps in your IT environment. Together we will pave the way into the future with a customized solution that allows you to maintain security and usability.

We turn your employees into Power Users.

Our first step is to train your employees, bring them up to date, and give them the knowledge they need to succeed. Empowering your service operation comes to the fore. In this way, we work to free you from the costs and needs for other service providers.

Service optimization through predictive workflow analysis.

The goal of cost-effective management of your IAM services is acheived though service optimization via methods such as workflow analysis. In this way, we build a service from components that are automatable and deployable. We offer extensive monitoring and reporting tools to ensure the quality of service that you expect. Our cloud and system solutions offer comprehensive support for your transformation journey, your processes, and your initiatives. We secure your digital success!

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IAM Tools

Our bizcon team supports you with extensive and deep experience with a variety of IAM Tools from the industry. For example, authentication and authorization.

IAM Standards

Through the use of industry standards such as SCIM, FIDO, OpenID, Connect und OAuth, we maximize synergies between interoperable services within your organization.

PAM Tools

Our certified system engineers will guide the management of privileged identities, accounts, credentials, and access permissions. We combine our years of experience in digital workplace administration with modern cloud admin practices.


Various formality requirements regarding auditability of users and permission systems can be met through our proactive recertification, reporting, and implementation guidance. In this way, we offer a frictionless process for your auditors and accountants.

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