Software deployment
from the cloud

A difficult task made
effective and simple


Deploying software to intermittently connected PCs can be challenging. Some products require a team of skilled specialists to prepare packages and operate complicated systems for distribution. This is not the case with b.installed, which we have designed from our many years of experience with corporate enterprises to make this as streamlined and simple as possible.

Relieve admins,
make users happy


b.installed combines a self-service App Store approach with an automatic deployment for core software and updates. Your employees decide for themselves which software from the optional applications portfolio they want to use. They can even uninstall the software through the same interface after use. At the same time, administrators can be confident that important packages and updates are reliably deployed everywhere.

Equally for users
in the office, home office or on the road


Whether the user is working in the office or on a business trip, software and updates are available to him everywhere, all without VPN. The b.installed app is either launched by the user and connects to the Internet to retrieve the latest information or starts automatically in update mode on a regular basis to perform maintenance tasks. In this way, the PC is always kept up to date, worldwide.

No costly infrastructure needed
due to storage in Azure


Using Azure Storage eliminates the cost of expensive server hardware for maintaining on-premises infrastructure. All costs scale to your utilization and you only have to pay for what your business needs. Your IT uses the b.admin app to deliver applications and configuration information to users via the cloud.

Use manufacturer setups
without expensive repackaging


With our framework, you do not need to pay for expensive repackaging, instead you can simply use the resources provided by the manufacturers and install the software as it comes.

Applicable in nearly
any environment


The b.installed client can work with open or locked-down Windows clients. Neither the client nor the admin component require a corporate network. b.installed can even be combined with Endpoint Manager and Windows Autopilot for a client and software management entirely from the cloud.

Free for non-commercial use,
low priced for commercial environments


The b.installed toolset is free for any form of non-profit and private use. For commercial deployments we offer a subscription plan and several support and service models. In this case, please check the Commercial use section and contact us, we would love to find a model together that suits your needs perfectly.

Client and admin application

Screenshot b.installed Client

b.installed client with
app store look and feel

The b.installed client offers a list of applications to choose from. The selection can be tailored precisely to the employee’s area of responsibility.

The client also offers a list of updates for installed products, and allows the uninstallation of applications no longer needed.

Every 24 hours the client starts in update mode for installation of mandatory updates and applications. The user can postpone the installation a configured number of times before it is being forced.

Admin application with
simple workflow

First, you use the Admin app to group installation content into objects and configure a recognition feature for these on the client.

Then you complete the objects with instructions for installation, repair, and uninstallation to create a project and set its availability for a specific user group.

Finally, the Admin app allows you to upload all this to Azure and thus make it available to your users via the b.installed client.

Screenshot b.installed Admin
Screenshot b.installed Inventory Viewer

Automated collection of
software inventory and heartbeats

The b.installed client not only gets all the data it needs for software distribution from the cloud, but it also writes back the status of all software installations.

The admin app will combine this information and provide the admin with a consolidated inventory view of how the software is distributed to all computers.


Get the b.installed

Personal Use
Commercial Use

b.installed is free for any form of non-profit and private use. For this we offer the b.installed software as-is and without any warranty. For details please check our licensing conditions. For commercial deployments please switch to the Commercial Use section.

For non-subscribed users we offer support by email on a best effort basis. Please submit your questions and issues regarding b.installed through our support form in the Help section below.

  • b.installed was thoroughly tested on Windows 10 and Windows 11 clients.


  • Since b.installed uses Microsoft Azure to store and forward installation packages and configuration information to the b.installed client and to authenticate the access, you need an Azure subscription in any form. If your company uses Office 365, this will already be sufficient. The additional costs for Azure resources that occur through b.installed as part of the usage-based payment are very low, based on experience.


  • You need administrator access to the Azure subscription to perform some configuration work. Our documentation will guide you through this.

We use your data in accordance with the EU GDPR and only for the purpose of providing you with information about b.installed. We will never share your data with other parties. We will send an email to the address given for verification.

You can de-register at any time by sending an e-mail to bi-info@bizcon.de. In this case we will remove all data associated with your registration from our systems.

To access the application you need to register so that we can inform you about updates and future versions of b.installed.

File name
Client application for Windows 64-bit (5.2 MB)
Admin application for Windows 64-bit (19.8 MB)

Help on

File name
Admin user manual ENGLISH (1.6 MB)
Admin user manual DEUTSCH (1.6 MB)
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Provided there is a connection to the Internet, you can install and also deploy software virtually anywhere without the need for any local infrastructure.
In the case of globally distributed company locations, the Azure cloud storage can be customized to ensure optimal performance at all locations.

Both is possible, applications can be provided in the manner of an “App Store” or installed in the course of the daily maintenance run (configurable) without the involvement of the user. It is also possible to have a configuration that allows a limited postponement of the installation.

b.installed can be distributed to AD user groups, individual AD users and AD computers.
In addition, there are further options to tie the availability or installation of software to additional conditions, for example depending on memory, screen resolution, existing files or registry keys.

The user must have a Work or School account in Azure AD, e.g. from an Microsoft 365 subscription. To avoid having to enter credentials manually every time the client runs, the PC should be a member of a hybrid AD or Azure AD domain. The b.installed client must be pre-configured to connect to a specific Azure instance and installed on the PC.

b.installed allows you to track the number of installed applications. This does not care if the installation was done via b.installed or not, as long as a configured recognition feature was found on the PC. There is however no license management integrated.

The software package is available to the user immediately, after upload to the cloud.
However, this can still be managed by the b.installed administrator.

Large packages can be distributed via BITS in a resource-saving manner before they are made visible to end users and offered for installation or installed automatically. This enables the coordinated mass rollout of even large software packages.

Costs in Azure are incurred by the storage space for the installation packages and the data transfer to the clients.
For example, with 100 users and normal usage, we assume total costs of a few euros per month.

The installation is done by a small setup (MSI package). For mass installations, this setup can already be adapted to the Azure instance used, otherwise this configuration is done on the client via a wizard. The distribution of the setup can then be done in any way.

A resource group, storage account and app registration for b.installed need to be created, as well as three groups. We have documented this in a step-by-step way.

Thank you for reviewing our FAQs first before contacting us. If you have a paid subscription for b.installed, please preferably use the support contact that we provided you with as part of the subscription.

File name
Version / Date
Client application for Windows 64-bit (2.7 MB)
V1.1.2. / Nov. 2021
Admin application for Windows 64-bit (3.5 MB)
V.1.1.2. / Jan. 2021