With concrii® Encrypted Search, we offer you a flexible, high-performance microservice that provides a fast and simple search option on encrypted data.

Search on encrypted data

Do you have encryption in place and still
want to be able to search?


Do you have to meet DSGVO requirements for pseudonymization and encryption? You already have solutions in place that help you with these requirements? Now your users want to be able to search on this data as well!

This is actually possible: with concrii®

concrii is a flexible and universal solution to
enable search on encrypted data across all your applications

concrii can work with any SQL-based database system and all common encryption services.

concrii can be flexibly expanded at any time and offers defined interfaces to connect further data banks and encryption services.

What does
concrii® offer?

concrii provides powerful and secure LIKE, Wildcard and regular expression search functions that would normally be a challenge when the database is encrypted. This gives you flexibility in your search.

concrii offers you a flexible solution that goes far beyond database-integrated or in-house developed solutions, covering more functionality than any other integrated search solution on the market.

The application integration is done via a universal REST interface. A user interface additionally allows the comprehensive testing and optimization of search queries.

How does concrii
compare to other solutions?

Existing solutions require changes to the database, extensions with foreign code and still do not deliver satisfactory performance for real-time applications e.g. with incremental search fields.

concrii, on the other hand, offers this and much more without any changes to the database.

Searching with concrii® is
fast and safe

concrii operates as a separate microservice and can therefore provide search optimization via automated execution plans, and workload distribution across multiple instances to guarantee any required performance.

concrii uses AES-encrypted in-memory indexes for high search speed, with automated, rapid index updates.

Index partitioning and many other optimization options also speed up your search and provide additional layers of protection for your information.

concrii smart looping enables high-performance and parallel processing of data records.

concrii has been subjected to extensive penetration testing by our customers.

Features for search

concrii user interface ValueSearch

High performance search
for real-time applications

concrii offers your client applications the ability to query and load data from encrypted data sources in real time. Depending on the data source and its number of entries, concrii might do this even faster than the application’s legacy search on the unencrypted data sources.

Index updates can be initiated by applications immediately after writing changes to the database. In this way, index data can be kept up to data in near real-time as well. Index updates can also be scheduled.

Advanced data operations
for flexibility

Advanced data operations allow your application to flexibly extract clear text data from your encrypted data sources. Support for sorting, filtering and paging of results makes it convenient to integrate concrii into your application without losing functionality.

The ability to use regular expressions in index and database queries allows concrii to cover more use cases than the original database unencrypted search.

concrii user interface Search
concrii API

The Friends concept allows flexible
resource sharing and load distribution

Friends enable flexible resource sharing and load distribution within the infrastructure. Sharing index data between multiple concrii instances, as the Friends concept allows, increases the responsiveness and availability of the data provided.

Different load balancing and fallback scenarios (hot and cold) are accomplished through specific Friends configurations.


How to get

Ways of
licensing concrii®

We offer concrii as a subscription model with flexible expansion and reduction options, or as perpetual licenses, which allow a service installation to be used for an unlimited time period. An enterprise license (perpetual) is also available, that allows unlimited use of the software within a corporate group.

concrii is licensed per service installation (service instance). For load balancing and Friends scenarios you therefore need more than one license.

support options

Our standard support as part of the subscription is available to you 10×5 to perform all troubleshooting to restore the operability of the licensed software within the shortest possible time. For other kinds of support, e.g. on installation and use of the software, our consulting service is at your disposal. For business critical applications we also offer 24/7 support for an additional charge.

While maintenance and support are included in our subscription offer, it is optional and charged separately with the perpetual licenses.

How to experience concrii®
in your environment?

Please contact us and we will provide you with the concrii software and temporary licenses so you can try concrii with your own databases, encryption services and applications. If you are just on the way to secure data storage, we will be happy to advise you on data-centric security as well. We can also help you prove feasibility for your environment in the form of a project.