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Get your workforce up and running quickly, effectively, and securely with Microsoft 365 Digital Workplaces. Today, these workplaces can be installed, supplied with software, and managed entirely from the cloud, completely without local servers.

Digital workplaces
with Microsoft 365

In the age of New Work, the ability to install and work anytime, anywhere is essential.

“So the workplace is no longer a place – it’s simply where we are productive.” (Christoph Herzog)

Our modern working world is changing rapidly, and we need to use technology to create a working environment that makes the most of all the technical possibilities and is perfectly tailored to the needs of employees to provide them with the best possible support in their work.

Rapid deployment of software is essential when teams and environments change, such as in the case of a company merger. Even outside conventional office spaces, employees need uncomplicated, fast, and secure access to their work equipment and data. With our concept for Microsoft Office 365 Digital Workplaces, we make it possible to install the respective workplace tools, before configuring it for the user, simply and quickly via the Internet. The installation from the cloud is intuitive and can be carried out by any employee.

What makes our
Workplace solutions unique

With Office 365 and Teams, your employees get the Office tools they know, optimally embedded in a collaboration environment.

Give your employees the ability to communicate and collaborate in a single app, no matter where they are. As a complete solution, Microsoft Teams supports a plethora of communication options and at the same time offers expansion options and is very customizable for your individual needs.

Install your managed PC like a cell phone, with the security of a managed PC.

Your team members can set up their own PCs, whenever and wherever they want. All settings and specifications are under your control. Easily replace failed or lost PCs, and remotely reset a PC at any time to get it ready for a new user.

The highest security for your corporate data demands a secure client.

All necessary configuration and security settings are managed and monitored from the cloud. This allows you to easily define the security settings for all your employees from a central location. With Microsoft Defender, unusual events can even be monitored in real time from the client to the cloud.

Determine which applications should be available to your employees, and we’ll take care of the rest.

With Microsoft Intune or with b.installed, our own lightweight software distribution solution, we provide your employees with a software portfolio defined by you. We can also take care of software packaging and deployment for you if you prefer.

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Concepts for enterprise clients and day-1 scenarios

We design the standard client for your staff. On the backend, you determine the bandwidth of cloud usage.
Save on designing large infrastructures by using cloud services that can be deployed quickly and flexibly. We will get you ready.

Lightweight software distribution with b.installed®

Effective software distribution doesn’t have to be complicated. We store configuration and installation packages in Azure, eliminating the need for additional on-premises infrastructure.
The b.installed app offers employees a store experience with an individual selection of applications, but also supports administrative distribution of software and reliable updating.

Find out more on our
b.installed page.

Security management with Microsoft Defender

Security for your data and employees. Centralized security management at various levels, from clients and network to your infrastructure components on-premise and in the cloud.

Office 365 security and compliance

Taking into account the GDPR and recommendations from independent experts, we secure your company data and provide easy-to-use encryption.

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